Make your company heard

Introducing phoamy – a smart little wind muffler for your headset. It’ll make sure you’re heard loud and clear – whether you’re just biking to work on a breezy morning or taking cover on a wind-blasted building site. In contrast to powerbanks, USB sticks and the like, phoamy is highly visible, ensuring your company logo will be seenevery time the user takes a call.

Your logo is printed clearly and in a high-quality finish on the colourful phoamy while the packaging is customisable, for optimal branding. Regardless of whether you choose the exclusive acrylic box or the super-light option, the package weighs next to nothing making it highly transportable.


Get your message across



Basic is our entry-level protective case for your Phoamies. Each one weighs less than two grammes, so a package of 350 Phoamies comes in at under a kilo... that’s light!


Light has the same characteristics as our Basic case, but with the option to add your own design. Add a message that suits your needs – whether it’s a one-off event, or a company slogan.


Exclusive is our high-quality acrylic case that protects your Phoamies with more pizazz. The price includes the packaging with space for custom messages and branding.


Phoamy is available in a choice of 10 colours. You can design it using your company’s corporate colour for logo print and packaging. / Our minimum order is 250 pieces. / Orders of more than 500 include the option of custom packaging (choose between our Light and Exclusive cases). / Delivery time is approximately four weeks. / phoamy is exclusively produced in Denmark and Germany.


Good to know


Does phoamy work with all headsets?

More or less. It works with around 95% of models from all major brands, including Apple, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Bose, B&O and Beats..

Can you still operate the microphone when the phoamy is covering it? 

Yes – phoamy is made from a soft, pliable foam that makes it possible to operate the microphone as you normally would.

What’s the delivery time?

Between three and five weeks. We can also deliver to multiple addresses if required.

Where is phoamy made?

Phoamy is produced in Germany and packed and dispensed from our warehouse in Denmark.

Can I request a certain colour? 

You can choose between any of the 10 standard colours, and mix the colour of the ‘flock’ that we use on the top and bottom of the phoamy, to give phoamy a nice finish. You can match it with the colours of your brand and logo.

How long will a phoamy last?

If it’s mounted correctly and treated well, it will last as long as your headset.